I Want

I want to learn,

I want to make a difference,

I want to be that person,

That one person,

That means the world,

To some little kid.


I want to work,

For knowledge,

For hope,

For peace,

Inside me, inside you.


I want to listen,

To my friends,

To my parents,

To you.

You can give me these things,

This knowledge.

Everyone can teach me,



I hate being held back,

By classmate apathy,

By fear of failure,

By something I can’t change,

I hate being powerless,

For something I can’t change.


I understand your pain,

I go through it everyday.

Don’t let it consume you,

Or your teachings.

There is nothing so important,

In this world,

As knowledge,

And you, sir,

Are the transmitter of this weapon.

This strangely wonderful weapon.

And for this,

You are the most important.


You can change the world,

For good, bad, or something in between.

Make your choice,

Today, tomorrow, yesterday,



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