I vow

As to this day, I vow to love you for the rest of this life, I vow to stay faithful, I vow to stay by your side, I vow to care for you when your sick and hurt,  I vow to work hard to keep our relationship strong, I vow to always to cheer up any sadness, madness, and stress, I vow to always be your girl, and lover until the end, I vow to love you just the way you are and never make changes, I vow to always remember the good than the bad, I vow to always make you smile, I vow to be a good wife to thy husband, I vow to be a wonderful mother to the children bring, I vow when our whole life is passing, I will still love and enjoy our life together, All these vows say what to be for you and I.

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very romantic 

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