I Thought We Were Just Friends


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United States
37° 44' 8.0592" N, 122° 10' 49.0116" W

 Oh! Wow...I thought we were you know just friends he says.
Another devastating announcement . One of agony pain and disappointment.
Yeah, I thought so too. But I lied I thought it was more.
Caught up in the fact that I believed we connected like the missing
puzzle to my set or the last piece to my connect 4
For the life of God which flows through my veins and accentuates my lost soul.
The life that I gave up trying to get to you.
Just another mistake I guess with more baggage to clean up
More than ones left at an airport or baggage that's haunted you for
most of your life as a young child searching for love but never
finding it because of rejection and low self esteem and bad choices.
Hm, girl I know you're pain.
Been there done that , I been in your situation before.
Oh! You have? Cause last time I checked I played the role of the
damsel in distress that was always forgotten not the one that gets
Prince charming and lives happily ever after.
No, you don't understand. No you will never comprehend because you
ain't never been alone at night crying your eyes out and praying to
God for better days like a wailing Hannah.
Then, again there are no happy ever afters.
We live in a day and age where beauty comes before a Master's degree
at which burns the temperature hot flames of anger and jealousy.
Huh, calls herself a Barbie doll and flaunts her fakeness.
Causes boys to scream for greatness.
Last time I checked fake anything don't bring anything to the table
not even love.
Something of which you've been looking for since the end of time. Stop
rewind fast forward is what you would do if you had the chance to get
it all
But love waits for no man not even now.
However God's love does.
It is forevermore everlasting undeserving and gracious
Something that we take for granted given our very purpose abandon all your Father's love
hoping to find it somewhere else
To be or not to be in love that is the question
You should rather ask the question to be in love with whom

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