I thought it was over

I thought it was over
the pain all gone

but it’s back once again

and I’m still alone


I loved you so deeply

now you’re stuck in my head

but I’ve somehow moved on

to love her instead


I spend each night dreaming

of you in my bed

and each time this happens

I wake up in dread


what if I marry?

Have several kids?

These dreams that I’m having

of myself I must rid


Gosh it’s so hard

waking up in despair

So I pick up the shard

and end all my cares


the glass feels so cool

as my skin it does slice

it has become my new tool

to make my emotions ice


I want you to leave me

but i know that you can’t

because you aren’t the enemy

I alone hold that blame


Please understand

I love both of you

But the thought I can’t stand

Is hurting either of you


I thought it was over

when I saw her eyes

but the fact I looked over

now makes me cry


All I can see now

is the mistakes I’ve made

So I make one more

To end them all


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