I thought I lost you

We said goodbye that day

you were headed off to war

and being the child that I am, I didn't know what for

the people came to take you, away from all of us.


there was fear in your eyes and sadness too,

i fought but that wasn't enough to keep you,

i turned away, and imagine my surprise,

when you hugged me in your arms, and my screams turned into cries.


They dragged you away in the back of a truck,

you holding my necklace and praying for luck,

you have to come back! I shouted at you,

you smiled and nodded and waved like you always do.


we wrote to you, but you never wrote back,

we asked for info we never received,

i thought of all the promises we made

and how innocence breaks so easily.


we waited for a white letter to tell us you were gone,

waited for your letters to tell us what was wrong

and into the second year, I gave up hope,

and turned away, tripping to cope.


three years you were gone, you never came back,

until one day at school,

hey sis, was all you said, but I jumped in your arms,

and cried, never doubt you, I was a fool.


you stroked my hair, and patted my back,

and talked, and laughed, and cried,

i knew my big brother had returned,

but I wanted to know why?


so we talked a long time,

day faded to night, I was sorry we had fought so long before,

before I fell asleep, him by my side 4 words,

i love you and nevermore.


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