I, the thought

Thu, 07/07/2016 - 09:05 -- Blandy

I am a story

And sometimes that story

Cannot be told in prose

Or fiction, or in philosophical essays

on the struggle of Man's ethics

Between the diminishing light

And the impending dark.

Sometimes it has to be told 

In over used and confused metaphors,

Broken up into lines that don't rhyme

And stop whenever I see fit.

Sometimes it has to be told

With nonsensical words 

strewn together in a mass

That is equal to energy 

Smashed together in some kind of

Equation that I forget, but

Blown up and expanding like a reborn Universe,

just forming quicker.

Yeah, I am a story

And I choose how I wish to be told.

While I  can be a fiction writer, 

A biographer, an essayist, 

For now, I choose to be a poet. 

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