I Think It's Healthy When...

I think it's healthy when you sit and listen to me when I'm having a hard time

instead of telling me to suck it up and grow up.

I think it's healthy when you talk to me if you have a problem

instead of letting it simmer until someone gets hurt.

I think it's healthy when we sit and talk about what's been going on

instead of just hoping the other will understand via telecommunication.

I've seen angry looks from my "friends" before who had a problem with me

but never came forward about it.

I've lost so many people because it seems like talking is such an old thing

and it's something worth doing anymore.

The side glances, the aggressive sighs, the avoiding behavior,

and finally the loss of everything.

That was never healthy. 

That was never loving.

I never felt the love or friendliness I should have then.

Now I know what healthy is.

I know that healthy is communication, love, support, and friendship.

It took nineteen years to finally see it.

I think it's healthy when love is healthy.

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