I think about how you...


It has come to the point
where you’re all I think about.
I think about the way
you think your smile is too big,
but I think it’s so fucking cute
the way you get those
tiny creases at the corners of your mouth.
I think about the way
you hate your voice,
but it’s the sound of your voice
that calms me even in the biggest storms of my life.
I think about how you
hate your hair,
but I think it’s so cute
when your hair gets a little wavy on the top
and you brush it back
with your fingers.
I think about how you
love to talk about anything
and everything.
I think about the way you make
these random little objects
and find a use for all of them.
I think about how you
think you have so many flaws,
but I find that every little aspect of you
is the closest to perfection I've ever known.
With all this said,
it scares me that one day
I might not have you in my life
to make my day better with your smile,
to calm me with your soothing voice,
to let me play with your hair,
to give me random facts,
to show me all your little creations,
to make me feel safe
and to make me feel
like I'm worth something.


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