I Swore

Once there was the glory and honor in the flag

Men and women fought the World Wars to protect freedom and land

Brave, honorable, tough; giving their all so children could jump rope, ride bikes, learn

while their parents could work and try to succeed with whatever they could dream...


I enlisted in the Marine Corps, saluting the flag with respect

Swearing to uphold the Constitution

and then?


Black lives matter, a terrorist group allied





So many forsaking God and country, blinded by self and anger, unable to respect anything, not even themselves


I started to understand.

My country is dead and gone, past into history along with the brave men and women who tried so hard

A Republic now replaced with abortion, death, drugs, and lies.


So hear me now, you who took my country away

I can only protect myself and family and dissconnect while you burn and fuck whats left, away

this is your country now, as I've folded and secured Old Glory and put the flag away.


Never again will I swear to protect this country again

and will do my best to defend my life from you and yours

swearing that if attacked by the mobs of evil then I will take aim, sending them to Hell,

where all can burn the flag, destroy goodness, be racist and evil, and kiss Chavez, Mao, Hitler, and more...

while the devil laughs in delight at how all have fallen.



This poem is about: 
Our world


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