I Survived. Now its Time to Live.

The breath of death left an bad taste in my mouth

The withered white walls felt like they were coming closer and closer as my chest screamed for mercy, Calling out for anything that would end the pain.

Morphine drips flowed into my veins; causing the shattering sounds to subside to moans and finally silence. But in this silence my thoughts are racing and screaming out for a deaf god to save me. 

But god rejected me long ago and I knew this. 

While in that state, I came to the conclusion that I was going to die. I was going to die and their was no knight in shinning armor to save me like in the movies. I never went on a fantastic adventure.

I had a broken heart but not one caused by a true loves rejections. My heart was dying and my body decaying in response. I was going to dieBut I didnt.I shouted out to the world to live when I was given back my life. I said,"Live the way you want to, start while theres still time. Tell the people in your life, whoever they may be, that you love them. Explore and find what youve been looking for. Be free from your chains of self denial. I know its not easy but nothing worth doing is easy."The breath of death left on my tounge is gone for now.I have won the battle but not the war with my sweet Thanatos. But while he is gone I will dig for the greatest treasures this world has to offer. I shall save the world in all of the ways I can. The time we spend here is so precious. Dont waste a second. 


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