I still sleep with the night light on

I’m seventeen

And I still sleep with a night-light

Cause the dark things

Come out at midnight

Not from under my bed

But from inside my head

Things no one else could imagine

But things that would haunt me

Things that would not eat me outside in

But things that would manifest themselves inside my head

Things that wouldn’t pull me under the bed

But things that would bury me deep in depression

The “what if I did”s in life come with “what if I didn’t”s

The second-guessing builds up and up

And sure you’re positive on the outside

But inside your walls are built of negativity

From the past

From the present

From the future

Negativity building and building

And some of it not yet existing

Till one day you blow

But still no one notices

Cause you have to smile threw the pain

And laugh threw the tears

Not for your happiness

But for others

So I regret to inform you

I’m not perfect

Never will be either because

I’m seventeen

And I still sleep with a night-light

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