I Smile At Myself In the Mirror

I smile at myself in the mirror

and it all seems a little bit clearer

My reflection has grown

to an uncharted zone

and it all seems a little bit queerer


But queer is the funniest word

I ever could typed or have heard

For it sometimes means strange

or a little deranged

But for me it means gay

in the happiest way

In the sense that I smile

at a girl for a while

And it's all just a little absurd


I smile at my shining reflection

and speak as to hear my inflection

Oh how different a voice!

But was it my choice?

It now goes in a hopeful direction


My voice has a feeling of hope

A dangerous, slippery slope

But I came all this way

just to say "I'm okay!"

And I walked through the mud

to be covered in blood

Now I scream at the sky

that I feel I can fly

I will not be some old misanthrope!


I take a good look at my hands

as pale as the saltiest sands

Their wounds, mostly healed

My fate, barely sealed

I live, as the Good Lord commands


I smile at myself in the mirror

The future's a little bit nearer

A year's done a lot

It shall not be forgot

So I type out this quaint little cheerer

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