Before I Sleep

I inhale, exhale; and can’t say I’m unwell

Can’t say I’m fly, flying high over wish-taker

Nightmare-maker skyscrapers

But I’m tired.

Rain came, mud splashed all over my white sneakers

Death-seekers abound with nimrodic thrill-fevers


Look out my windowsill and can’t feel the chill

Till I realize the heater lies broken at my feet

And on the street, people weep to the beat of

Help! Help me, cause I’m desert-stranded thirsty

I want a roof or proof love’s not a tease

Please just a meal or to feel that this is over

And there I pass ‘em by with an icy cold shoulder


Why? Did my grip slip on hope for humanity?

More like a snip snip to my loosely knit sanity

How can it be that love’s definition is outdated?

Faded like some worn through jeans pulling at the seam

Even screams wouldn’t help me if I’m preaching to the pigs

And prigs who think they know what the meaning of truth is


You see, I’ve had it to the brim of blatant sin

In a world where before they take a breath,

You can plan a baby’s death

And I’m tired of the hustlers, haters, poison rattlesnakers

Of the hands held out under obligated eyes

Weeping cries of the bored, self-absorbed

And the six feet under standard we’ve set

And met every time bullets fly, shooting down stars

See the scars from dagger words thrown

Along with sticks and stones

But does the bone shatter matter

If your soul’s already sold?


Not saying that in the grime I don’t play a part

I’ve looked into my dark heart

And seen the place where it could spark

The start of white hot hate burning for no reason

Any season is the season for cheating, lying, and sleazing

You wonder why you’re wheezing?

It’s that filth you’re daily breathing


But I can’t give up, can’t toss the cross off my shoulder

Though it’s getting colder, I got the soul of a soldier

And I’m older. Yet sometimes I forget to let hope in

I keep going on, pulling strong out of the dirt

Work. I’ll work hard, work long, work sweet

Then I’ll sow what I know later I want to reap

There’s the road that I’ll take with my barefoot feet

Cause I’ve got many meters and miles before I sleep


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