I Sit And Write The Blues

A month ago she cursed me and walked out the door,
Yet it feels as if she’s been gone for many years.
Now that our relationship is over, I love her more.
And thinking about her brings me so much pain.
Why didn’t I show appreciation for her love and kindness?

She took all the photographs of her that I kept.
And every night I sit and write the blues since she left.
I’m not ashamed to say how much I miss her.
But that’s not the worst thing I’m going through.
It saddens me when I imagine her with another man.

Pay attention all you lonely exes out there,
I’m writing this melancholy poem for you and me.
No matter how good a love affair is going,
It could end suddenly and shatter your heart.
And you’ll undoubtedly experience the blues.

I sincerely wish I could get back the woman I love.
Nothing hurts like love when you’ve lost it.
I believe in forgiveness and reconciliation.
Give and take and we’ll have less heartbreak.
If you break up, kiss and make up for the sake of love.


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