I should have known him

Sun, 10/04/2015 - 01:29 -- T_C

I should have known him better

Because he was my friend for a year

Our interests differed and we never saw each other in class

But I promise I knew him



They said he became a pot head

He presured others into it

No one wanted him anymore

When he quit he joined Students for Christ 

And I thought he'd be okay

Until the summer came


I cried because no, sir

Not him, sir

Not my middle school friend, sir

He can't be gone when his life only just began

He couldn't have left before I could tell him a story


But he was gone in a second

In a flash

In a whisper from my sister of 

Yeah, some kid's dead


Please, God

I begged

He can't be gone

There's too much to be said

I walked into class and there the board said

Take responsibility for your failures

I supposed that was my answer

Because my middle school friend was dead


It's not what I wanted

But that's what I got

A person who didn't listen to a story

Because they couldn't listen to their dear, old friend


But some days I dream

That just a month before 

I had skipped my drama meeting 

And visited Students for Christ

When he wasn't there

I asked if they knew where

And when I knew where I checked


When I found him

I said Hey middle school friend

And he smiled politely when he couldn't remember my name

And I told him my story


I was in theatre when I saw you walk in

I thought you were a jerk

But in the end I had to give in

You were funny and silly and perfect in just the right way

And I couldn't wait to see you each and every day

You made me smile and laugh and grin

And I really, really liked you

I think you may have been my first real crush

Please don't think I'm weird

But I really did miss you

And I hope that someday soon 

You'll come down the stairs and turn right

Because you'll always be a welcome sight

Please come home some day


And in my imagination, he thinks I'm a freak

He doesn't come to theatre that week

Not the last month or the last meeting

But the first day of school, he's back from the summer

He sits next to me and smiles

And I smile back because this is where he belongs


Alive in a warm seat next to me

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My community


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