I Should Be Raped

Rape of


Stick your finger so it goes deep in my colon

No longer a finger, it becomes a fist,

A forearm

Remain inside and move, undulating

Drive yourself deep

Give me your abhorrence

I am a the dung that clings to you as you finally pull yourself out of me


Sit down on my face and run your filthy fingers across my chest

Rub your gritty hole into my nose and my male brow ridge

My face is white, like toilet paper, so rub yourself clean as if my face is your toilet paper 

Make me udder the smallest noises of dread, regret, and shame as you treat me as I ought to be treated

When I break through my petrified fright 

In instants, few and far between


Your fingernails, knuckles, knees, elbows, teeth scratch and bruise me

Cut me too

My ribs break 

You break my wrist too

Attempt to pull skin off my neck

I am in the pain you need to bring me

As you rape


Annihilate the foulest chunk of ever-putrifying flesh that floats 

I’m the cesspool of hatred and rage

I am the flesh, and I am the cesspool

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