I Shall Not Keep My Silence On These Issues

Hey, bloodthirsty warmongers and haters, do you think you can silence me?

You should take a lesson from the humble children all over the world.

Let the innocent little ones teach you how to love one another sincerely.


And as for you homosexuals and lesbians, you cannot silence this man either.

You depend on the law for permission to do obscene and unnatural things,

But laws cannot make heterosexuals agree with homosexuality and accept it.


Exploitative politicians, I have something to say to you before I pack my bags.

You are taking advantage of poor people and I strongly condemn your actions.

The power and authority that you are desperate to retain will destroy you.


Inexperienced youths, I am offering you an important piece of advice.

Do not let the governments brainwash you with nationalism and patriotism.

They want you to become police and soldiers just to do their evil works.


Leaders of religious organizations, I forgot to ask you a serious question.

If you really think the world will soon end, why do you crave wealth?

You teach people not to strive for riches, yet you collect money from them.


Racists, I have already asked you this question, but I shall ask you again.

Why do you adamantly refuse to treat human beings of all races as equals?

People are neither superior nor inferior because of the colour of their skins.

This poem is about: 
My country
Our world


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