I Say To Thee, Tell Them You Have Found Me



I am Alexandria Leitermann;

Seeker of peace and solitude for the weak,

I hail from the scarce, but valiant town of Elberta,

I am granddaughter of the great and wise Lori Leitermann; also known as the illustrious nanny

I have gone out and vanquished world hunger as if it were the most basic of math problems,

I have listened, stitched and bandaged the heartache of the world:

Smoothing out the scars until they are so faint, it's almost as if they weren't there to begin with.

I invented a time machine, reaching my softened claws through time and have prevented the tragedies that have tried to crack the world apart,

My peace bearings fall on grief deafened ears to blossom and entangle a tranquil relief, sorely missed,

There is a continuous drum beating in my chest and so long as it keeps up it's steady song, I will continue to stand against the surge;

I will pull on tights, your tactful titan....of a lost age,

I will presumptuously permeate the peace of security, a forgotten luxury:

My loyalty is lulled lightly to wash away the blood crusted on the world,

My persistence is as strong as a muscled ox,

If ever I am faced with a senseless path ahead;

I will make my own, crashing the pointed vines,

Your peril is my call, one that runs deep like the rifts in an ocean floor;

Look upon me as the sunlight,

There, each day when you need me, even if you can't always see me;

So be still, dry your tears, and close your wary eyes:

I am already there waiting, with every ounce of passion I carry, to stand you up again,

One chance is all I need to be what you need me to be,

Many people look for a savior, a knight in shining armor;

So I say to thee, tell them you have found me, world, let me be your superhero.


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