I said I'd find you

I said I'd find you,

But I didn't mean this,

Find you alive and well,

Not walking to our tree,

Finding your dead body,

Knowing you had left me alone.


We had a conversation before,

You said what would I do if I left you?

I said I'd find you, however long it takes,

He asked would you?

I said I will.


I thought that conversation just a dud,

Like all the things we did with no meaning,

Shoulda, woulda, coulda seen the signs,

But they weren't all there...


He dissapeared late afternoon,

Search parties and rescue teams looking for him,

A son of somebody high up, didn't mean a thing to him,

I found him next to the old oak tree, strung with promises we couldn't keep,

hoping he was alive and well and safe.


I guess our conversation didn't mean much to him,

I found him cold to the touch, a letter by his hand,

clutching it, addressed to me,

dead as can be, and cold , and gone.


I was alone, watched as his body lowered down,

into the cold earth ground, I stand alone,

waiting, watching...


Years passed by and days and I opened up that letter,

only six words displayed across the page,

'I love you and I'm sorry,' I cried that day,

thinking it was the same with me, and

I wished I was back there to just yesterday.


That was but a dream, when I awoke we had that

same conversation again,

I said the same thing again, only this time three little words,

saved the tragedy, I asked him if you died what would you die for?

The answer: from lonliness, without me.


So now I tell you boys and girls,

There's gotta be a lesson here that ya learned,

Remember it and put it forth into the world,

Whether ya be a boy or a girl.


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