I Rise to Raise

Homophobia leading to attacks towards homosexuality,

Mass shootings for any little reason, becoming a reality.

The right to bear arms being misconstrued to the right to shoot,

Syrian warfare creating children militant troops.

This is what I live for and this is why I rise,

To grab the bull by the horns and look him in the eyes.


I wake to live another day because I believe there is a better way.


F.F. Bruce once said, “God bestows his blessings without discrimination.”

But I ask, isn’t discrimination a blessing in itself; it is part of our creation.

When we are discriminated against, we endure prejudicial treatment.

But being a bird in a golden cage will cause ailment.

If we don’t find our weakness, we’ll never know our strength,

We could live in a world with full equality but at what expense?


I wake to live another day because I know there is a better way.


Black, White, Mexican, American or Asian

I wake up for a day where race suffers abrasion.

Working towards a day where humanity sees strength in being different.

Excited to wake up and become a leader who is puissant.

But advancement can’t happen if I stay asleep,

Hope for progress is what does that trick for me.


I wake to live another day because I will create a better way.

This poem is about: 
Our world


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