I remember

Tue, 02/17/2015 - 01:19 -- sashori


I remember the day I met you
the first time I looked into those beautiful eyes
I felt them sere into the bottom of my soul
a whirlwind of emotions that caught me by surprise
I never saw it coming, clearly intelligent, beautiful boy
I felt as if those eyes could see right through me
and in that small fraction of a moment
I knew I wanted no one else, I was unknowingly, yours

there was some time before I saw you again
I tried to suppress these intense feelings
but in the back of my mind, there you were
those beautiful blue eyes I cannot help but adore
I had to see you again, and I feared I could not pretend
my reason, willpower, and self-control, with my heart hit the floor

somehow I managed to keep my heart in check
at least for a short time
but when I finally saw you again
those eyes of yours shut off my mind
you were completely unaware of my constant struggle
for circumstances saw us together almost daily
those same circumstances made my desires impossible, inappropriate, and implausible
even with all these thoughts in mind, my feelings never faded

One day, I fell over the precipice of reason
finally gave my hear what it wanted
the fight in me finally gave up
I had not realized what I had started
the heartbreak that was sure to come
from foolish, love struck notions
emotions over reason can make a girl dumb

a very brief affair began
happiness overwhelmed me
I glowed about, without a doubt
that love was in the air
there was one thing that I forgot
in my mindless bliss
my reasoning had been cut off
so I could taste your lips

In foolish haste I confessed to you"
how I really felt
how my heart stopped in place
every time I saw your beautiful face
how I wanted you every moment
in every single way
you turned me down, without a beat
told me I was just infatuated
I was too young and inexperienced
to be in love with you
the feelings were not mutual
and my heart was torn in two

that very day I still remember
the pain in my chest still aches
every time I look into those beautiful blue eyes
I vividly feel every piece of my heart break


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