I really want to be a lawyer.


I really want to be a lawyer.

I really like wearing button-up shirts,

And khaki skirts.

I really like fighting,

But fighting with my words.

I really like writing,

But writing filled with verbs.

Verbs like defend, amend,


Sentences like Congress should be able to comprehend that we must amend their actions in

order to defend the rights of humanity.

I really want to be a lawyer,

Not because I want to meet Diane Sawyer,

Not because I want to be in a foyer,

With men who own corporations and are multiemployers.

I really want to be a lawyer because I feel that I need to be a lawyer.

I see the faces of those I love,

And call me crazy, but these feelings I have are feelings from up above.

I once heard that what you should with your life,

Is what you go to bed thinking of at night.

Before I go to sleep,

I think about the injustices I keep…

Keep deep within,

It almost feels like a sin.

To not speak.

To not write.

To not stand up for the plight.

The plight of who might you ask?




My people.

My country.

My world.

I really want to be a lawyer.


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