I Realized

Life is full of realizations.

Some bad, some good.

You realize a lot of things in one year,

I know I did.

I realized,

the people I once thought were kind and loving,

were racist and sexist.

I realized,

the people I thought I needed,

were toxic and tearing me down.

I realized,

what people think of me,

takes complete control over my mind.





But I also realized,

The worlds best friend,

is worth so much more than a world full of friends.

I realized,

what I’m passionate about is important,

whether realistic or not.

I realized,

We have comfort zones,

so that we can eventually break out of them.

I realized,

putting all your energy into what you love,

does so much more

than being unsure and only putting in half.

I realized,

that romance is boring,

and then

I met him

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