As I Place My Hand In Yours

Wed, 09/14/2016 - 11:30 -- Ethann

I place my hands in yours,

for you to call it your own.

When your fingers interlock with mine

I am not alone.

So I behold with you the feelings of togetherness,

our hands holding tight;

As of the way the dark sky holds the stars at night

Now I offer you my only heart,

For you to keep.

For you, I have fallen to deepest of the deep!

Ah, I place my hand within your hand!

Gently as the water holds the golden grains of sand.


I place my hand in yours,

Now I behold my greatest possession!

I held your hand as the angels are held by Heaven.


I place my hand in yours!

The feeling is more beautiful than life has ever seemed.

I held your hand

as a sleeper beholds a dream.


I placed my hand in yours

Like the way the color blue holds the skies.

Or possibly not!

Because at night this bright color dies.

Unlike the incomparable beauty that is held within your eyes.


Ah, As I place my hand in yours

My loving emotions flourish with hours.

Like an everlasting spring, flourishing with flowers.

Or possibly not

As it is so that every flower eventually fades.

Though I dissever my hand from yours, my love has surly stayed

All has become true in all i prayed,

and as I held yout hand,

New love was made.

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I am in love, and wanted to share what makes me happy.

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