I need a woman


United States
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I need a woman! Not a girl. One that will have my back.
She will tell me when I’m wrong and pick up on my slack.

They say behind every great man is a great woman and that’s what I need,
One who will help me chase my dreams and succeed.

She can keep me pleasured without sex, and makes me want to do my best.
No worries, no stress, just her love and nothing less.

I need a woman that’s strong,
and will admit her rights and wrongs.
I need and independent woman that can old her own,
And she’s not on games because she’s grown.

Instead of always being on Facebook,
I want a woman to put her face in a book.
She don’t need to talk about our relationship, in her tweets,
Cause a real woman won’t say a peep.

About what goes down when were alone,
And she can turn our house into a home.

She blinds me with her beauty, and gets me high off of the aroma of our love,
And when I hold her, her body fits me like a glove.

She serenates me with her voice and she isn't even a singer.
And I can’t have this woman until I put a ring on her finger.


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