I made it.

In this world people we know and love constantly tell us "I got you. You can do it. You are beautiful." They let us know they have us no matter what. As long as the sun rises it'll be alright. But there came a time when the power turned off. There were no voices to whisper happy thoughts or pictures to give a meaningful quote for the day. I had been laid off from two jobs, my rent was past due and my car no longer ran. With nothing more to do I walked into my bathroom, using the natural sunlight I looked in the mirror. I saw a weary girl with bags under her eyes and wrinkles on her forehead, the ghost of someone I no longer recognized. The mask of someone who had only heard her family for the past two years via phone, too busy with three jobs to visit. The face squinted and glared in hatred at the person on the other side for what she let happened with her life. Disgusted she filled the sink and washed the past away. When the face rose the woman in the mirror was the same. The past cannot be washed away with simply hot water and soap. Striding out the room she walked out the back door into her backyard. Collapsing to her knees she looked to the sky and smiled. It was a beautiful day with clear skies and cool winds. If anything was for certain it was that the winds change and so would she. Amazing how quikly the Okahoma weather changes, just as awesome as how quickly one's life can change. In the blink of an eye. She rose in defiance of how she let her life slip. Going back inside she grabbed her laptop and cell phone and began job hunting, asking around if any place was hiring. Three weeks later she was working in a corporate office. Two weeks after she got hired she found a nicer, better place to live. And two years later found the man of her dreams, It's been seven years and now she has three beautiful little girls with the man she married. A house with her dream bedroom where everything is white and clean. And she is now second in command at her job. If anyone were to ask how she was doing she would smile and say "Everything is awesome and as it should be."

This poem is about: 
My family


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