I love you because

Because I love you, I will prove it through my caring actions.Every day I will tell you I love you and hope that this will make some impactions.Capability of expressing our feelings, while hearing each other out.Arguing is stupid and such a pointless route.Use kind words even when upset. Saying things you don’t mean might feel like a threat.Every day I will tell you, I love you because what if one day you're not there to say I love you too? If you weren’t around I’d surely feel blue. Love is that warm butterfly sensation you get in your gut.One love is all we need, so don’t be a mut.Verification is important to me, but nothing as crazy as making you flea.Enjoy having your fun, just as long as at the end of the day I’m still your number one You mean the world to me, that's why I wrote this.One last kiss, and my minds at bliss.Unique is this love, that’s why I'll say “because I love you, I’ll carry through straightaway.” 

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