I love you

I love you

3 words that mean everything

if i said this to a man it'd be okay

but a woman? It's not.

Stupid religion, sometimes...

why can't i?


I love you.

3 words that I hardly say

If i said this to a girl we'd get married

have a bunch of kids,

be happy. But to a man? No.

Why can't I?


I want to hold your hand,

plant a kiss on your cheek or your lips,

hold you next to me cuz I love you,

But i'm not supposed to


Cuz you're a woman.


I wanna be married to you.

under the stars, or in a church

it'd be the happiest day of our lives

but i can't in some places


Cuz you're a man


But I love you

I love you

you are who you are

you are what you are

and theres no changing that

but consider it changed

we'll rewrite history



because i love you

I love you

And it'll change forever.


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