"I love you"

Fri, 10/06/2017 - 16:35 -- MRSZAW

I don’t believe him

When he says

“I love you”

It sounds like

He’s trying to convince me

Or himself

He says it too much

And it’s all he says

When I’m mad

Or when I want to talk

He called me earlier

To help me feel better

 Because I’m convinced he’s leaving me

And all he did

Was say it again

“I love you”

He didn’t fix anything though

He doesn’t understand the problem

He won’t even try to

And I don’t know how to explain it

So he’ll just keep saying it

“I love you”

Until one day

I explode

Because I’ll be full

Of false love

And he’ll finally


Saying it

"I love you"

Because we'll both know

That he doesn't

And that I 

Never believed him

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