I love and I miss lil brother

For years I've being trying to put this feelings on paper.
But words don't come out right it was always for later.
Sitting here I'm gathering the words written in the past.
Words by words a sentences have seem to form at last.

Can hardly believe that the words I have long to say was.

I miss you, always have always will
I love you, always have, always will

For years I ignore how much I hurt when you went away.
Only to find the strength and will to admit it today
My silent tears and mash up thoughts pulling at my heart
While my reality turned upside down, I found reason at last

For years I've yearn only your sight more then anything
At times I find myself struggling to exist.
As I glare in the crowd looking for your face
I aim to never get lost into them empty space.
I kept wishing with every living hope in me
That somehow, somewhere, it's you I'm seeing

This poem is about: 
My family


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