I let you go, Because I love you

‘I love you’ was the words you said

‘I love you’ was the words you repeated

‘I love you’ are the words we all yearn to hear

‘I love you’ are words we also fear

‘I love you’ were the words you whispered in my ear

‘I love you’ you wrote upon my hand

‘I love you’ you said before I went to bed,

‘I love you’ once made my heart flutter

‘I love you’ made my stomach have butterflies

Now I sit here with a mask

A mask that holds my smile

This mask hides my tears

This mask muffles my screams

This mask is my savings mask

For I can hide my true feelings

For I can hide my love for you

I wish you could see what you turned into

I watched you walk away

I watched your smile fade

I let you go Because I love you so

If only you could see

How much you destroyed me

But because I love you

Because I knew you

Because fate wasn't true

I let you go because I love you

This poem is about: 
Our world


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