I Know A Person

I remember the girl that no one liked

Because she smelled strange

And her clothes were always old and torn

And she was quiet and reserved


Later that year she moved away and when we asked why

We found that her mother had beaten her and raped her every night


I knew a boy that everyone hated

Because he loved men

And he asked one out to homecoming

And was beaten up for merely wondering


Later that year he hung himself in the front yard to the school

We found that humans had limits and he had reached his


I know a writer that no one speaks to

Because she always seems mad

And her arms and legs are covered in scars

And she falls asleep in class


Knowing she cries herself to sleep and has prayed for death

I wonder what will happen later this year. What will become of me?



Jordan Delyn

Follow my writing blog- www.jordan-delyn-writes.tumblr.com (Mainly poetry)


hannah beasley

This is..... So damn relatable. 10/10 would read again.

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