I Heard the Wild


I heard the echo honk of black Canada geese, neatly parting the moonlit sky,
and the melodious warning of a red winged black bird scaring his neighbors nearby.

I heard the piercing shriek of a yellow eyed osprey diving deep for slippery prey,
and the soothing moan of a mourning dove gently cooing throughout the day.

I heard the wet splash of a hungry jackfish leaping high for a dragonfly snack,
and the lonesome howl of a solitary timber wolf calling for the rest of his pack.

I heard the muffled hoot of a great horned owl searching for rodents at night,
and the buzzzz buzzzz of a bumble bee gathering sweet nectar in full light.

I heard the slobbered snort of a cornered bull moose kicking close danger away,
and the impish croak of a friendly raven in flight inviting all others to play.

I heard the chisel knock of a pileated woodpecker chipping for bugs under bark,
and the chitter-chatter of a bushy tailed squirrel hiding dry mushrooms before dark.

I heard the jagged scream of a whiskey jack foretelling of a treacherous spell,
and the winsome whistle of a white throated sparrow indicating now was all well.

I heard the grunted growl of a threatened black bear standing strong to defend small cubs,
and the silent breathing of a still wet fawn hiding quietly behind spring shrubs.

I heard the sudden sharp slap of a beavers tail warning of danger throughout,
and the hypnotic singing of the chorus frogs relaxing nervous tension all about.

I heard the bubbling bugle of a sandhill crane jumping madly to attract his mate,
and the screeched warning cry of a hungry merlin frightening others away while she ate.

I heard the squeaky-squeak of a white winter weasel proudly prancing with a mouth full of mouse,
and the cracked yelp of a totally disgusted coyote completely missing a mouthful of grouse.

I heard the harsh crackle of a crabby crow arguing with everyone in sight,
and the contented fee-bee-bee of the eastern feebee wagging her tail with excited delight.

I heard the snickered cough of a joyful river otter turning slick water tricks to please,
and the fluid warble of a white breasted cross bill splitting pine cones apart with ease.

I heard the splattered squirt of a startled skunk completely ruining my brand new rubber boots,
and the sharp prick-needle quills of a trapped porcupine scratching under a pile of roots.

I heard the penetrating screech of a red tailed hawk perched on a high tree top,
and the wind woosh under proud bald eagle wings paralyzing meadow life to a stop.

I heard the jolting jeer of a scrappy blue jay bravely driving me further away,
and the chick-a-dee-dee of a friendly chickadee inviting me back anytime any day.

I heard the brash bragging of a boastful magpie proudly preening his shiny feather coat,
And the horse croak of a bashful blue heron peaking from behind an old row boat.

I heard the bubbling squeal of a bully brown wren, scolding from a dense bundle of sticks,
and the smooth yodel of a sharp eyed loon proudly parading her brood of cute little chicks.

I heard the babbling twitter of a blue barn swallow plastering with another mud chunk,
and the nasal yank-yank-yank of a red breasted nuthatch hopping down a pine tree trunk.

I heard the flapped slapping of duck mallard wings scrambling from a cat tail shore,
And the yip-yap-yip of a too crafty red fox shocked that he missed once more.


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Our world


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