I Have Someone Waiting For Me

The days are passing by

The hours fade into the depths of time


Searching day in and day out

To find that genuine person who knows what I’m about


I don’t need help from my family and friends

I don’t need help from mythical creatures for my journey to begin


So tell Cupid I will not be in need of his arrows today

And tell Santa that I put my Christmas wish list away


Tell my family that I am able

To make my wish come true so no birthday candles


I do not need a doctor to patch my heart

The person waiting for me is bleeding for that part


I do not need a doctor to examine my head

And I am not yet in the mood for returning to bed

Tell the sandman that I need not anymore dreams

Because they are already bursting out the seams


I’m finished with watching fairytales

But I’ll be borrowing Captain Hook’s ship so that I can set sail


Tell the president that I’m going to elect

The person dearest to me that I carefully select


And forewarn Mother Nature I’m fighting whatever weather comes by

Just give me some fireworks that I can light through the night sky


I do not need science to define what is love

Nor do I need a fortune-teller to tell me who I’m thinking of


Tell the leprechaun that I will not be in need of his luck and gold

So I will not bother to follow him over the rainbow


Between Halloween and Valentine’s I love Halloween more

Because I could possibly be knocking at your door


On Thanksgiving Day I want neither a chicken nor a turkey

Just hoping like the groundhog you pop your head out and see me


One would be saddened by the approaching New Year but for me it’s a new year to search

Hoping, wishing that I’ve been spotted in the lurk


The sun is shining bright and I am feeling well

And if loving you is a crime then put me in jail


I’ll be back out in no time enjoying this chase

Yearning for the day when we can meet face to face


I shall tell the April fool that I’m not foolish for continuing my journey

Because out there somewhere I have a person waiting, waiting just for me

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I like the ending :)


Thank-you very much!


The Darcy Perspective



Great poem!


Just wow


Super cute, loved how you used the traditions of holidays and fairy tales!

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