I Have Nothing to Lose

I must get away from this suffocating environment,
Move to somewhere far away,
Escape from the miserable people around me,
Find a better life in another place,
Effect a positive change to my present situation,
And tackle the new problems that will arise.

I need to explore interesting sites,
Increase my knowledge and understanding,
Meet new friends and associates,
Choose a lady suitable for a serious relationship,
Set worthwhile goals for the future,
And breathe an invigorating air.

I want to taste a different flavour,
Take risks and expose myself to adventure,
Challenge the precepts and theories,
Stop living my life to please society,
Question the oppressive rules,
And learn from my previous mistakes.

It is time to make the necessary improvements,
Do what is right in my own eyes,
Try to become the person I want to be,
Search for reasonable answers,
Go after whatever I think is best for me,
And take a decisive action.

I may not find what I am looking for out there,
But I am living an unsatisfactory life.
The opinions of others are not helping me forward,
So I have nothing to lose.
I would rather try and fail than wait helplessly.
Henceforth this will be my resolution.


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