I Have To Let It Show

For Monique

When you first came here, I didn’t feel this way about you.
But as the weeks went by, my feelings for you began to change.
The face that meant so little to me before, now excites my heart.
A love that wasn’t there from the start is quickly growing.

My conscience tells me that it’s wrong to want your love,
But my emotion is stronger than my desire to do the right thing.
And if it’s a sin to love you, then I’ll face the consequence.
For your love is worth any price that I may have to pay.

In the late hours of the morn, I watch and wait impatiently.
And I anticipate your lovely figure walking through the door.
To admire you and listen to your voice keeps me happy all day.
I can’t go on without telling you what you mean to me.

I try to convince myself that I don’t want to get too close to you,
But my heart just won’t accept anything less than your love.
Sweetheart, what do I have to do to make you mine?
I’ve been hoping to meet a girl like you for such a long time.

It would hurt my feelings if you say your love is not for me.
Do you wish for my love as much as I yearn to have you?
My heart has a strange love for you and I have to let it show.
I want to know how it feels to be wrapped in your arms.

Let me look deep in your eyes and tell you what I’m thinking.
Honestly, I didn’t plan for any of this to happen, it just did.
I wasn’t careful enough to avoid falling in love with you.
And I’m enslaved by an attraction for you that won’t go away.


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