i guess you could say...

I guess you could say it's a good thing i erased your pictures from my phone. 

even though i pretend to look at them every now and again. 

and i pilled all the thingd of "us" in a corner 

so i could watch the dust bunnies and spiders web's keep track of time. 

i took all your shirts i used to wear to bed and hid them in a corner of a dark drawer. 

Even though i pull it open every so often. 

i could say it's a good thing that i folded your poems and put them in a book on my shelf 

even if it is my favorite book. 

And i took the jewlery you put on me and stashed them in a little box 

even though i put it on before deciding maybe not. 

yeah, i could say it's a good thing, but i'm really just leaving pieces of you around to find. 

i'm keeping you around so i don't have to forget even if i think i want to. 

i left you like dust in the wind, 

but what beautiful and sad dust you made 

i lost my direction on the way out. 

and i guess you could say it's a good thing that i chose a path unknown 

even if it was just to cover my bleeding heart 

i know our clock timed out, 

so you could say it's a good thing i left you behind 

although i can't let go of the pieces. 

but yeah, it's probably a good thing 

to have loved and lost  

even though i still miss your face like hell. 



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