Before I Fall


Let me remind you that I’m not whole,
pieces of me have been missing for centuries, it seems.
Memories like shed feathers in the wind,
fading and falling like virgin snow.
                Let me confess to you that I am trapped,
stuck here in a cage of my nightmares and dreams.
Chains made of pain and anger, locks made of tears and sorrow.
                Let me beg of you; please do not run when you find the monster inside me.

Her claws rip through bone and tooth, flesh and sinew as she claws her way up.

                You sweetly smile, denying it all.

Now hold me close and let me fall…

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I never heard of the phrase "virgin snow", but it sounds very well when pieced together with the rest of your lines. "Before I Fall" reminds me of the rising action that takes place before the climax of a break-up. Going through many break-ups before, I feel the same pain that is emitted in this poem.


Thanks Orchid. Virgin snow is the snow before it hit the ground.

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