But I don't let sorrow eat my soul...


I met her, eyes closed, heart still. No beat. How can I treat this symptom of loss? 

But I don't let sorrow eat my soul. Everything that hurts only makes me stronger. Don't toss your life away because He tempts you with negativity, once or twice. 

My faith keeps me alive. The future beholds greater things, school, career, a life that she didn't get to see. 

I read a quote, "I am choosing to honor what my baby has given me instead of lament what I have lost. Though I am not forgetting the pain, I am focusing on love instead". 

For her, I search for more ambition, to make a life that she didn't live. My love for her is something greater. My push towards more, my turbo for her. 


But I don't let sorrow eat my soul. No sir.



Studying to do something in life isn't just because WE HAVE to, it should be an ambition to be something greater because you LOVE to. Not everyone gets a chance to live a life. My Megan (RIP) only lived 5 month inside me. God bless her. This makes me sad, yes, but I instead of sorrow, I take it as a lesson that any life can be gone when we least except it. So why not have something to look forward to, ambitions that will have an outcome of greatness.


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