I don't know you anymore

Don’t tell me you know me

Because I know that you will leave me

If I told you things about me

You would use it against me

To hold me hostage

Inside my thoughts

But they are all so dark

I need to clear my mind

But how do I do that

With you always watching?

It’s like you have something against me

And I don’t know why

I am followed by the bond we have

But it’s not really there

I wish you would stop and stare

To see right through me

The addiction I have with you

Is something I can’t get over

I am trying to find myself

But you’re always there

It’s like I can never leave

Because you will always find a way to bring me back

I am done with the life you brought

So please allow me to take it back

I am the controller of my thoughts

The master of my actions

You won’t put me in a corner

Because I won’t stand this a minute longer

I was found by a guardian angel

And they sent me to get a better life style

I don’t want the games anymore

Because I lost my best friend to the devil

You see his life was young and very valuable

Yet he was taken by surprise

Into his mind taken over

By many suicidal thoughts

And thinking life over

He didn’t see the beauty in things

Because of his family

I don’t want to be there anymore

So I am choosing something different

No more of that life style of lying

Or manipulating

My time to shine

And I won’t let it pass by

So don’t tell me you know me

When you always thought of leaving me



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