I made sure the world heard me scream as I heard my voice echo as the words I don't care ran out free
I throw my hands at a steady beat as I watched the papers fall to the ground as I stomp on them with no mercy
I no longer walk in the mind set of a scholar but something more wild that your eyes bleed to see a disaster that stuck
When being nice wasn't and opposition that I had something more addictive to approach my taste-butts on the rush of fear
That I saw my heart explode out my chest as I jumped off a cliff to no worries and a hand full of regrets
You become no longer afraid of death that you already picked out a grave to know that's where it all ends down to
A nasty mouth that soap couldn't be enough to clean the words I said proudly
To far gone that no one could bring me back to reality as I kept myself in a world surrounded by ME
I became my worst nightmare that dreams couldn't come in my system because they even knew I would never amount to nothing
How my future was you had the right to remain silence as I held my hands behind my back and my face pushed to a fence to laugh and say I accomplished something big
I walked around with pride as people grab their children closer trying to protect them from ending up like me
A animal that runs out of control with hunger of poison. You can call me delusional but not even your insults could change me but something that made my breath more valuable
I speed though life to never take a second to look back and see the people I left behind because they couldn't handle the adventure in me as they followed my foot steps
The mirror blocked my reflection that the glass couldn't let something so helpless be divided into 2
I preyed for the strong and not the weak because I like the challenge that seemed impossible to beat
That I made a grown men CRY on his knees at the sight of me .I threw away my life more then I spent living it.
A waste of time to watch life be used with such brokenness and fear that left me at the words I DON'T CARE. 
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Our world


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