I Didn't Attend


United States
30° 12' 44.5032" N, 95° 19' 52.194" W

I sank into my chair as the man on t.v. spoke of a thunderstorm watch.

I wondered about the funeral.

I wondered if the people were running for cover,
or if they let the rain mix with their tears.

I wondered if there were flowers, if they were red.

I wondered if everyone wore black,
or if they decided to break that awful tradition, and instead wore blue.

I wondered if anyone knew I was missing,

I wondered if anyone even cared,

I wondered who attended just to say they did,
and who arrived hours before it started to say one last goodbye.

I let my mind wander, as my tears then mimicked the movements of rain drops.
And my screams matched pitch with the thunder.


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