I dare you!


I tend to attract annoying people
Those annoying people then become my friends
I care for them
I care about what they care about
They tell me their secrets
I tell them mine
Then they become my family
But they are still annoying
They always have been
They will probably always be

It does not take long for me to get tired of them
And when they annoy me
I have to vent and I do

I vent to normal people
Because they understand
But I vent to normal people I trust

The issue comes when those normal people I trusted
Make fun of my annoying friends

Heck No!

Shut The Freak Up!

Those annoying people you just made fun of
They are my family
I love them
I care for them
They just got on my nerves like any good little siblings

You Have Crossed The Line!

Congratulations! You have earned the harsh judgement of yours truely.

Say it again!





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