I Cried like a woman in black and white

The darkest secret of your heart is hurting me
You hurted me between your entire abyss
And you turned me into one
as black as my tears
I cried with my days
As the woman in black and white
is weeping for her children like that i cried for you
I dawned and I screamed through the streets of my life
And you never came back
But you never looked
And neither you did hear me
For more that i scare who hear me
I cried so much because you came
with your heartbreak
but i only received you pain in the soul
Not to see you with me but with someone else

A soul that wanders like a lost soul like that you left me desolate grief
I no longer had that spirit
I was distracted
Why dont you know my love?

But I had to breathe
I was walking and you there
You went over my
Like a beast
Perhaps there is a huge shadow
And you can not see me
If darkness does not exist
Neither do I exist
You dont see me right?
-Jonatan vega


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