I continue to SHINE


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41° 41' 41.5968" N, 88° 4' 49.098" W

You may label me as weak and naïve,
With the pungent words you throw my way.
You may see me as stout and inferior,
With the slick dark iris in the corner of your eye.

You may laugh at the way I dress,
And bombard me with insidious remarks,
But, like the golden morning star,
I continue to shine.

You whisper to me tales of failure,
And yearn so earnestly to see me plunge.
You linger at the corner of every crossroad,
Hoping to hear my weary cries of defeat.

You are angered by the hope I have,
And the courage I possess,
But, like the silver stars in the ocean above,
I continue to shine.

Although your words do sting like bees,
Although your eyes do pull me down,
Although your remarks do water my eyes,
Still, I continue to shine.

Your tales may fill me with fear,
And your presence may leave me in despair,
But, like the glistening snow,
I continue to shine.

Like the gold in the mines,
I continue to shine
Like the diamonds in the dark,
I continue to shine.

With every step and every day,
I continue to shine.
From the rising of the sun to its going down the same,
I continue to shine.

Straying away from fear and despair,
I continue to shine.
With every trial and every turmoil,
I continue to shine.

No matter where I am,
No matter who I am,
No matter what I do,
I continue to shine.



This was a poem for my creative writing class. I wrote it about bullying and life. It portrays the ability to continue to shine despite whatever trials may come. In all, it was about never giving up.


I liked your poem.

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