I, Chloie Will not break

Silly little girl, so helpless. So stupid, so stupid your pathetic!! Grow, up your annoying, a pop-tart teenager with teenage problems, helpless and pathetic. Nothingness, a black hole in which swallowed my dignity, my will to live. My life, 


Your nothing to anyone, your a pathetic little girl, so stuck in her own mind she refuses help, why won’t you just give in!? Writing in third person... a way of pretending, acting as if it’s about others, does it make you feel any better? No... in fact, makes you feel self pity, you’ve come to the point of wanting a new life.


You were one in a million, you made it to the finish line first, why are you so ungrateful you feel the need to remove yourself from one life you have only oh-so-ever experienced for a little while. Why would you take that from your parents? Your guardian. You need to be strong whilst fighting for what matters, people are dying, children are crying.


My self pity is worthless, un-useful. There are people who suffer, worse than me. Why am I so sad? I was given everything as a child... maybe not enough attention? Not enough.


It’ll never be enough, I, Chloie. Will no longer open up, i cemented my shattered heart, no more  breaking, I have closed my mind and the sick feeling in my gut has faded. I, Chloie will grow up. My skin hardened, thick and silver, no one will pass my armour. I am the new and improve person. No longer shall I be used by people, beasts in which haunt me! I am strong, powerful and resistant. I, Chloie will no longer be divine, I will be strong, mean and tough to break, no doubts about it. 


I’ll regret it someday, but today is not the day, I’ll flash a smile and walk away, like those penguins. I will no longer be divine, I am a new soul, no more breaks and no more tears will be shed. No doubts about it.


I, chloie... promise to not break...

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