I Captain My Ship Of Literature

On pale, thin sails I soar on vast seas

I scope the leather-bound horizon

And relish in the scripturient breeze

That carries me season through season


It is here on the path to adventure

Where the raven and nightingale fly

Where we choose a path to remember

And dream under a thoughtful blue sky


Cherish your constant companion

With a spot of ink and trusty quill

Pages to write and confide in

Needing only lyrical skill


Gliding on words of wisdom

Travelling far on waves of ink

Through every ageless kingdom

'Til the westward sun turns pink


It is here in the solace of these pages

Where the canary and mockingbird sing

That I rest from my lifelong changes

And the languor that adulthood brings


With infinite worlds unexplored

And many skirmishes soon to be won

I swing wide with my valiant sword

My expedition has just begun



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