I can't believe

To my best friend,


I can’t believe she didn’t tell me. I know people who go through the same things as her believe that they can’t talk about what happened but it shouldn’t be that way. We shouldn’t guilt people into thinking that there’s something they could’ve done in that moment when they were at a point where they feel completely hopeless. They shouldn't feel as if they’re all alone when they are completely surrounded by people who care about them so much they would die just to make them feel an ounce of happiness. When I think about the situation that she’s going through at such a young age it tears my heart in two. I’m still a child myself our voices are constantly ignored. What can I do? What can I do when I’m witnessing the one person I love fight through something so cruel all alone? The moment she told me I thought of all the things I could do, all the things I could say but in the end nothing seems good enough. All of these word are just words, they can’t change what happened it can’t change anything; all I have to offer are my words. The words that are belittled and taken for granted by the generations that have come before me and in this moment I understand how she must feel, silenced. Silenced by the monsters who continue to live their lives as if they’re not the reason she wakes up screaming in fear and praying to the god from above to let her eyes stay shut just a little longer, to be free of her mind haunting her with the touch of a nightmare that’s actually her reality. She’s unsafe in her own home and the motherly instinct hasn’t been switched on for what seems like forever because she’s been screaming for what seems like a forever but even her life is starting to seem pointless. If her own mother can’t help her then who can? Where does that leave me? The young girl with a secret that she has to carry to her grave while carrying her friend along the way hoping that she can hold on a little longer because it gets better. It gets better. Together we hold those 3 words to our heart and hope that maybe one day it will.

 With love,your friend

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