I Call It Passion

I have this flame that lives within me.

I call it passion.

My biggest dreams would be nothing without it.

And neither would I.

Because despite what statistics say about me, that flame will always have a place in my heart.


I have this plan that brings me to learn everyday.

I call it passion.

Because I have a plan to be somebody.

And somebody I will be.

A teacher, a businesswoman, philanthropist: the many things I desire.


I have this fear inside me.

I call it passion.

Because I am passionate that God will take all my fears away.

Because I am scared to speak but okay to write because the paper doesn’t judge me.

Or tell me that I’m wasting my time dreaming.

Because maybe I am,

But I’m passionate.

I’m not.


I have this assurance that is present inside me.

I call it passion.

Because I’m passionate that we can all succeed if we assure ourselves.

That if we just silenced ourselves for a moment, we all could be heard through our many successes.

That if you just put a little more effort into that paper, it would be an A.

And if you made sure your homework was complete, you wouldn’t have to think of that excuse.

Because we all have that flame inside us.

I call it passion.


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