I Believe You Can Achieve

Maybe you don’t have a dime,
Try hard and you’ll be fine,
You’ll get anything if you try,
You shouldn’t even cry,
Failing means you learned more things,
You will learn to use your wings,
You use them to get to where you want to be,
If you give up now you won’t be free,
You wish you can get somewhere,
You know it’s better than being nowhere,
Remember those people speaking?
That you won’t find what you are seeking,
Show them that they are wrong,
Show them it won’t be long,
No one can judge till you’re done,
Your story has just begun,
By the time you succeed your dreams,
You’ll look back and as it seems,
You well say “Thank You”,
You have gotten me through,
I believe nothing can stop you,
What people say is untrue,
Cash doesn’t say a lot,
You can get far where you though you cannot,
Don’t be naïve or disbelieve,
I believe you can achieve.


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